• Julianna Sherriff

    Julianna Sherriff

    English as a Second Language Instructor, Curriculum Developer

  • jules-thedancersworkout


    Jules is a classical ballerina and former corporate executive who helps adult dancers achieve their daily fitness goals through dance www.thedancersworkout.com

  • Samantha Myers

    Samantha Myers

    Just a girl in her 20s trying to figure life out. Writing about mental health, relationships, advice, and just life in general. Come along for the ride :)

  • Toffy Char

    Toffy Char

    Empowering women through MindTerra | (W)righting the wrongs in the world in justice, feminism, dating, self-help, and well — life. https://linktr.ee/toffychar

  • Brittany Rincón

    Brittany Rincón

  • Alina Vrabie

    Alina Vrabie

    Teacher. Writer. Dog mom. Perpetually in love with the outdoors. Canadian currently living in Sweden. Writing about life lessons, education & self improvement.

  • Kim Kelly

    Kim Kelly

    Espresso enthusiast. Author and speaker. From leadership to relationships, life is best lived authentically free.

  • Zei-a


    I am a doctor.I write about spirituality & the soul, transformations(physical, mental & spiritual), habits & habit loops, the human body & mind, food & fitness.

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